Shorter duct runs, created by venting the dryer straight through the roof, can improve drying efficiency and lessen lint buildup. Until now, however, there were no roof terminations that met all of the stringent dryer venting requirements. The Duct Cleaning Pros are engineered specifically for dryers. They meet or exceed all code requirements and deliver superior airflow efficiency.

Built to the same quality standards as the Dryerbox®,
The Duct Cleaning Pros performance stands the test of time.

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I have a single-story home with a dozen ducts. I had never had them cleaned.
Dan Ganas and his assistant-in-training arrived on time. They were tidy, professional, and thorough. They began at the back of the house and worked forward to the main living areas. In every room, they used padded and drop cloths to keep work areas, furniture and floors clean. The vents were opened, the ducting cleaned, and sanitized. In some cases, there were substantial gaps between the vent and the drywall and Dan sealed the gaps with tape, which was an extra charge that I agreed to pay. Dan found that the screws for the vent covers has hex heads instead of phillips heads, and he replaced them where appropriate. The work was accomplished in a little over an hour. My house smelled better, and it was noticeably easier to breathe. The house is not as dusty as it had been.

They arrived promptly, on a rainy day. They disconnected and moved the dryer, then set up the duct-cleaning vacuum and began cleaning. We had discussed whether a "vent Jack" would be a good idea since the dryer vents through the roof, but after cleaning, they determined that the lint build-up was not sufficient to warrant the cost. They replaced the dryer hose and explained why the old one was contributing to lint build-up. In short, they did what I expected quickly and professionally!